A Challenging Hike with Fantastic Views

NowShenzhen   |   May 15, 2019

Ma on Shan peak. With a height of 702 metres (2,303 ft), stands among the ten highest mountains in Hong Kong. The mountain borders Sha Tin and Tai Po districts.  This is one of the best hikes I’ve done in Hong Kong and it is really worth you doing it.  This hike is not for beginners, there is scrambling involved as well as some rope/rock climbing.

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Be prepared – steep rope climbing

It is best to start the hike at Ma On Shan BBQ site.  There the trail leads up on the ‘family trail’   This will lead to what looks like a dead end, ignore this and hop the fence.  That’s where the real hike will begin.  It starts off easy enough, with a muddy but well defined path through the trees and vegetation.

Lush green surroundings. Perfect for hiking

Keep going up the path, you’ll come to a dead end and a barrier.  Ignore this, hop over it and continue going up. It gets steeper and more challenging as you go up but it’ll be worth it.  The views also get better and better as you go higher.

Panoramic nature around you

The trees soon disappear and make way for lush green vegetation and a mountainous vista ahead of you.  Don’t stop, just keep going forward.  The trail was excellent, the wind blowing and the fresh air around you.  Invigorating.

Pyramid shaped peak

The trail leads to what is known as Pyramid Peak, I’m unsure why I guess it kind of looks like a pyramid (maybe).  What do you think?

Immense views of the city

The views from the top are simply awesome, and well worth the challenging climb.  You’ll be glad you did it.

To end the hike follow the signs and go back to a village and get the bus to Sai Kung, there is only one bus stop and one bus so you can’t go wrong.  From there you can relax in Sai Kung or get a bus back to wherever you need in Hong Kong (there are many options).

Want to go?

Get the metro to Ma On Shan station.  Head into the shopping mall, then go down to the B level.  You need to get a mini bus NR84 to Ma On Shan BBQ site.  The minibus is located just on the road.  Look for the sign.

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Get this bus to Ma On Shan BBQ site

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