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Now Shenzhen   |   September 22, 2023

Our New Chapter | 我们的新篇章 | 업그레이드된 코톡


Co-talk has just celebrated its 11th birthday. Also, we have successfully finished Co-talk’s new studying environment renovation by this early August. 

Co-talk已经11岁啦, 自从八月初学院搬了新家后,学生们可以在全新的教学环境下学习了。

코톡이 벌써 올해 11주년 이네요! 

코톡은 8월 초에 학원이 새로운 공간으로 이사한 이후 학생들이 새로운 교육 환경에서 공부할 수 있게 됐어요~ 

Now, all students can learn at the new classrooms with most updated facilities, self generated teaching materials and atmosphere.
우리의 시설, 교재는 모두 전면적으로 갱신되고, 물론 수업도 더 다양해졌습니다.

Let’s have a virtual tour of Co-talk’s NEW zone
우리의 새로운 공간 투어 한번 해봅시다~

When you look at our new classroom’s unique design, you can notice that the door handle of each classroom symbolizes a city, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Seoul, and London. 
우리 강의실 이름 보면 다양한 도시이름으로 디자인 되있어요~


Cantonese Class
粤语课 광동어 수업

Cantonese is the main course that is being teached “Hong Kong” classroom. Every since each level studying term is done, students will receive as a proof of self achievement.

The timetable for our full time Cantonese class is out here! 
광동어에 관심있는분들 여기보세요~

학원 올때마다 볼수있는 이 많은 귀여운 친구들, 보면 힘나시죠~? 
애너지 업업⬆️

“早睡早起” “Keep your early hours”

“全力以赴” “Go to all lengths”

“도전 골든벨 !!”“Challenge yourself”


Guess what? Those students who come to class in the afternoon can have”special” time to enjoy the exclusive sunny view.
오후에만 수업 오신분만 느낄수있는 기쁨 

– 走进课堂-

Mandarin Class
中文课 중국어 수업

Look how students are motivated during class! 

Discussion, question and answer sessions, quizz, activities and games are all part of our class.


항상 열심히 노력하는 학생들

Most updated Mandarin class schedule is realeased 

The class will mainly be group discussion based and delivered with practical study materials.

중국어 수업 최신 업데잇 스케줄 나왔어요~

선생님들이 직접 만들은 교제로 수강 합니다 !



Co-talk have a daily knowledge sharing session.


Can anyone notice what is this student learning?



Korean Class
韩文课 한국어 수업

We have Korean oral class, TOPIK exam preparation class, studying abroad program.

The National Day holiday is about to begin, for those students who haven’t made plans yet~

Work hard together secretly

Quietly surprise everyone!


We also offer English class.


원어민 / 중국인교사 영어수업 까지..!!

English Class
英文课 영어 수업


Let’s have a recap of our anniversary event!

저번달 11주년파티 다시 돌려보기! 


Thanks for the great support and trust over the past 11 years. 

No matter what level you are in, you are always welcome to participate and explore more in Co-talk.



지난 11년동안 믿음과 지원 진심으로 감사합니다~

어떤 레벨이던, 두려워하지말고 같이 배우러 오세요~