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David Ho   |   March 31, 2020

Explore a collection of articles and other resources on the Coronavirus (Covid19) outbreak and living in Shenzhen.

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Coronavirus Rhapsody

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Flow chart: how to complete entry process at Baiyun Airport (updated on March 19th)
The expenses Borne by Travelers to Guangdong Province from Overseas

Friday Mar 20th 08:04am

Thursday Mar 19th 6:26pm

Thursday Mar 19th 3:26pm

  • more imported new cases than domestic infections
  • hotels offer 1,000 rooms for quarantine, as Hong Kong starts isolating new arrivals

Thursday Mar 19th 6:05am

Wednesday Mar 18th 8:16pm

Internet healthcare company launches service platform on COVID-19

Shanghai-based Shangying Internet Healthcare launches free 24-hour online consultation to the world in the fight against COVID-19. [Photo provided to]

Wednesday Mar 18th 6:39am

Tuesday Mar 17th 17:56pm

WeDoctor Global Consultation & Prevention Center launch of online English & Chinese Free Service

Tuesday Mar 17th 6:34am

Monday Mar 16th 12:25pm

Monday Mar 16th 5:09am

Sunday Mar 15th 15:16pm

Sunday Mar 15th 12:18pm

Saturday Mar 14th 8:00pm

  • Apple to shut all stores outside of Greater China to curb coronavirus spread
  • How can COVID-19 be defeated? Experts share their thoughts
  • Canton Fair’s overseas exhibitors support China’s fight against COVID-19
  • Why washing your hands with soap works?
  • Epidemic podcast co-hosted by former Ebola czar Ronald Klain

Saturday Mar 14th 6:25pm

Friday Mar 13th 13:54pm

Friday Mar 13th 10:59am

Thursday Mar 12th 16:17pm

Being Tested For COVID-19 In China.

Thursday Mar 12th 8:56am

Wednesday Mar 11th 10:55am

Tuesday, Mar 10th 14:53pm

Tuesday, Mar 10th 10:56am

Infographic: Resumption of work and production in China

Monday, Mar 9th 13:00pm

Latest figures for COVID-19 cases in Guangdong (As of 24:00, March 8th, 2020)

Sun, Mar 8th 8:17am

  • Tips for a DIY facemask
  • Photos: Guangdong’s females in the fight against COVID-19
  • Cultural Affairs Bureau cancels 31st Macao Arts Festival this year due to the global spread of the epidemic
  • 44 New Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus Infection and 27 Deaths Reported on Chinese Mainland
  • S. Korea’s COVID-19 cases rise to 7,134, death toll at 50
  • ‘I would like to be treated in China if I caught the virus’: WHO expert
  • Latest figures for COVID-19 cases in Guangdong (As of 24:00, March 7th, 2020)

Sat, Mar 7th 9:00pm

Sat, Mar 7th 09:30am

  • Infographic: Latest on COVID-19 diagnostic and treatment guidelines
  • Coronavirus: China cases fall below 100 as world total climbs over 100,000
  • Global Business Daily: Starbucks cups, wine woes, Yes Bank takeover
  • Interview with Chinese respiratory disease expert: Clinical drug trials for COVID-19 going smoothly
  • Health officials tighten requirements at the airport in Hong Kong
  • 40% of Chinese Women Plan on Independent Home Buys, Survey Finds
  • First African Swine Fever Cases of 2020 Reported in UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Hong Kong quarantine camp contract to go to tender following outcry over earlier award to state-owned firm without selection process
  • Coronavirus: can China use the epidemic to win friends and influence people?

Friday, Mar 6th 21:00pm

Friday, Mar 6th 15:24pm

Friday, Mar 6th 12:31 pm

  • Coronavirus Impact: 27 Business Experts Weigh In On How The Coronavirus Is Affecting The E-commerce Industry
  • Koh Phangan Cancels Full-Moon Party Due to Coronavirus Fears

Thursday, Mar 5th 14:47 pm

Thursday, Mar 5th 12:13 pm

Wednesday, Mar 4th 16:38m

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Tuesday, Mar 3rd 20:57pm

World needs to learn from China’s experience of fighting coronavirus: WHO expert

Tuesday, Mar 3rd 16:36pm

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Monday, Mar 2nd 6:08am

  • Travelers at China’s borders will undergo more scrutiny now that the virus is spreading outside of China

Sunday, Mar 1st 20:05pm

The collective battle against COVID-19 in Wuhan

Sunday, Mar 1st 17:24pm

Sunday, Mar 1st 14:29pm