An Essential Guide To Shenzhen’s Jazz, Funk, & Soul Bars

Cian   |   July 22, 2020

Jazz Bars in Shenzhen

What is a city if it doesn’t have Jazz, Funk, and above all else, Soul?

Some people say you can judge the character of a city by its Jazz bars. If that truly is the case, then Shenzhen is quickly cultivating a very interesting personality indeed. To give you a taste of just what that is, we profiled some of the top Jazz, Funk & Soul bars in Shenzhen.

Local musicians often gather at these live music Jazz bars in Shenzhen. Here we offer a list of the best Jazz bars around the city of Shenzhen. Many of the Jazz bars have congregated themselves in Nanshan Overseas Chinese Town. This is close to the OCT-Loft art district. Jazz musicians like to hangout with other artists. These bars feature Jazz musicians locally from Shenzhen and a lot of times will get very skilled guest musicians from Hong Kong as well. Often they organize special Jazz events and festivals where they bring Jazz bands from other parts of China and even from abroad. The two Jazz bars in the OCT area have outdoor seating so they are very comfortable on the cool fall or spring nights though fans and heaters are available for those summer and winter months. Hotels in Shenzhen also offer live music usually Jazz such as at Duke’s in The Langham Hotel Shenzhen. If you are looking for a Jazz night out Shenzhen is maturing into a place where you can find your type of Jazz entertainment. We are happy to see the Jazz community is thriving and feeding off Hong Kong and other parts of China. Once a year the live music venue B10 also organizes an almost month long Jazz festival brining in jazz artists from all over the world.

Browse below for our Jazz club nightlife directory:

Duke’s (The Langham Shenzhen)

A classic continental club

Sophisticated and effortlessly stylish, Duke’s entices with its inventive menu, stately décor and relaxing vibe. Resembling a chic private club, contemporary art lines the walls while soothing jazz tunes, leather couches and tub chairs add an old-world charm.

A haven for foodies, Duke’s menu includes tantalising tapas and succulent grilled meats. The restaurant’s extensive wine cellar boasts hundreds of premium wines to cater to both connoisseurs and novices. Distinct and intimate, Duke’s is an inspired mix of gracious hospitality, delicious food and traditional comforts, making it an ideal venue to meet friends or future clients.


There are many ways to describe what’s going on at Lavo, but perhaps it’s easiest to sum up with one simple word – lounging.

Located in Futian at the heart of Shenzhen’s CBD, Lavo has created a wonderfully metropolitan atmosphere with a supremely talented and endlessly versatile live band that can play music from all over the world spanning any genre from jazz all the way up to funk.

Listen to the sumptuous sax licks and feel like you have been transported to a London lounge or a bar in New York. While you are at it, why not pair the live music with a selection from their extensive range of cocktails, whiskey, and cigars?

Penny Black

If swanky lounges aren’t really your jam, but you still want to enjoy some real, quality jazz, then take Penny Black under consideration. The bar and its brand of down-to-earth jazz is a natural fit for its location in OCT Loft, a neighborhood bursting with creativity and artistry. Penny Black was opened by a British man and his wife with a simple mission. They wanted to bring real jazz to Shenzhen. It’s pretty safe to say mission accomplished at this point.

With a regular local band and the occasional concert to boot, you can enjoy the kind of jazz that would satisfy even the most demanding ear. For real jazz freaks, Penny Black is the place to go in Shenzhen.

Jazz Garden

Don’t know how to differentiate b-minor diminished with added 7th from C-major? Do you want to just enjoy some music and relax with friends? Then there is just the spot for you. Head on over to Jazz Garden at Windows of the World.

Jazz Garden is the perfect spot to enjoy some drinks and food while also taking in some light Jazz. The bar offers a huge choice of beers and runs a BBQ with both Chinese and Western dishes available. Head down from Monday to Wednesday to enjoy some pop music. If you are looking to get your Jazz fix on, then you are recommended to pass by from Thursday to Saturday.


Peacock birds are known for showing off their feathers, and in the case of Peacock bar, such strutting would be entirely justified. That is because this bar is something quite different from any other jazz establishment in the city.

If you are looking for somewhere romantic and cozy, whether it’s to make a good impression on a first date or to take the love of your life for an anniversary dinner, then you could do a lot worse than choosing Peacock.

Every Friday and Saturday, the pianist will have you both swooning with his songbook of jazz arrangements of Western love songs. So enjoy the food, wine, music, and of course, the company of your partner.

Zazoo Live

ZAZOO is the combination of music, life and soul. It embodies the desire of every human to release themselves to the higher force of music, and immerse themselves in a transcendent experience we like to call ZAZOO! Through the music, the drinks, the rhythm, you will be delivered to another dimension. This is the ZAZOO vibe. Let your soul lead you to the funk… 

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