Evergreen Eco Resort in Nanshan

Joe Macpherson   |   October 24, 2019

With the new metro line 5 extension recently opening, there is now even more of Shenzhen readily accessible for exploration.  This has opened up some new places to visit that previously had only been accessible by bus, which as we know can be a laborious task at times.  One of these is ‘Evergreen Resort’ in Nanshan district.  This eco park hidden away in the depths of deep Nanshan has always been one of Shenzhen’s many hidden gems, but with the metro opening nearby this is now ready to be explored.


Evergreen Resort Nanshan


Nature surrounds you

Upon visiting here, it is hard to define what this place actually is, part eco park, part theme park and part zoo, it is an eclectic mix of everything.  It has a bit of a run-down aged feel to it, which I think adds to its charm and character.  It’s nice to see something in Shenzhen that’s not shiny and new and since a lot of the ‘themes’ here are made from recycled material or are eco in nature it can be forgiven for being a bit dirty.

The resort is split into various sections such as butterfly garden, greenhouses, rainforest, waterfall etc.  These are easy to navigate around as there are lot’s of bilingual signposts and maps around, plus it’s really not so big and you cannot get lost here.  There are many staff members to ask for help too if needed. ‘Evergreen Eco Resort’ has a restaurant, teahouse, and snack bars, plus numerous vending machines, a gift shop and many bathrooms, so all the facilities you’d expect are here.


Lots of fun to be had at Evergreen Eco Resort

The butterfly garden is nice enough, with lots of flora and fauna under a large semi-covered structure, you’ll see lots of butterflies flapping around when you enter here.  Some will even land on you and say hello, this is a great place for any photography enthusiasts with lots of wonderful nature shots available.


Butterfly Garden

The rain forest section is quirky, in fact they even provide umbrellas for you to use as there a mist in the air at all times.  With dinosaur statues dotted around I guess this is supposed to be a throwback to prehistoric times. Walking through the trees, it does feel like a rain forest far away from urban Shenzhen.  A bit of a negative here is the animals in cages and tanks.  They look a bit worn out and dirty so please be prepared for that. Walking through here feels a bit like being in Jurassic Park.


Evergreen Eco Resort rain forest section

This a great place to bring children, and it is a popular place for primary school trips which means it’s busy even on weekdays.  The whole park can be navigated and explored in a few hours, and there is no need for a full day here.

Moon Bay Park

A good option to get the most out of your day is the nearby Moon Bay park also. This is yet another newly opened park in Shenzhen and like many others, is pristine, green and wonderfully landscaped.  Walking around here is an absolute treat, and because of its location it is one the quieter parks in the city.  Medium sized this has the usual plethora of park items such as cute benches, water features, flowers and fauna and green trees everywhere. Moon Bay park connects directly with ‘Evergreen Eco Resort’ so combining the two is very easy.


Moon Bay Park water feature


Moon bay is another of Shenzhen’s beautiful parks


Interesting benches in the park


Clean and green

Want to go?

 1 Qingqing Street, Yueliang Bay, Nanshan District, Shenzhen


Li Wan Metro station line 5 exit B

 Business hours 8.30-5.30

80 RMB

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