Shenzhen Talent Park

Joe Macpherson   |   January 14, 2020

Shenzhen has no shortage of parks, in fact many of them have been written about by myself for this very account, but as with all things in life, not all are equal.  Shenzhen Talent Park is one of the better parks in the city, a high accolade in what is a ‘city of parks.’  Nestled away in a bustling area of Nanshan, this whole area has sprung up into a must visit place that offers both a quiet escape from the city, a picturesque walk, and a fine dining experience, a real Shenzhen place.


Lovely park to walk


Bright and colourful park

Shenzhen Talent Park was built as a testament to the dynamic and cutting-edge nature of the city it resides in, and walking around this park you definitely get a feel for that.  As with most parks in Shenzhen, it is immaculately clean and pristine green, with great facilities in place to cater for every need.


Beautifully green


Artistic statues dotted around

Commonly used for jogging in the early morning or late evening, this park has a running track that stretches from one side to the other, but be careful as sometimes these runners will blow past you at quite a speed. At any point during the day you will always find families strolling around, people having photo shoots, or office workers getting a breath of air after a long day.


Jogger enjoying the park

What sets this park apart from others is the great architecture that can be found around it, such as the iconic Shenzhen Bay Stadium, or the famous ‘Bamboo Building’ that link in with the theme of talent and the fast-growing modern feel of Shenzhen.  Dotted around the park there are statues of various iconic figures from history such as Beethoven and Einstein, another nod to the ‘talent’ theme. On a clear blue-sky day these look sublime and extremely photogenic.


Iconic CR building


Very photogenic skyline


Bamboo building dominates the skyline here

This park transforms at night too, with the nature of modern buildings in Shenzhen, they are designed with night time illumination in mind.  With a kaleidoscope of colours on offer this is an absolute feast for the eyes.  The Nanshan light show is also here, at 7.30, 8.30 & 9.30 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. An excuse is not really needed to visit this great place, but if you did need one, then the light show provides it.  The best location for the night view is from the bridge that stretches over the water.


Beautiful night view


Great park day or night

A short walk from the mall is Shenzhen Bay Mixc Mall, this is another of Shenzhen’s modern mega malls and it has great food and drink options for before or after the park. With many bars, restaurants and cafes you can rest and relax here and make a day of the experience.


Shenzhen Bay MixC mall is also worth checking out

I highly recommend a visit to Shenzhen Talent Park, you really won’t regret it. Whether it be a lunch time walk, a morning jog or a night time stroll, this park is the one for you.


Name:  Shenzhen Talent Park

Address:  南山区深圳人才公园

Metro:   Houhai exit G/H or Dengliang exit C. Walk around 1 Km.

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