Shenzhen Airport & Zhongshan

David Ho   |   April 21, 2020

Ferry Timetables

Shekou to Zhongshan Port Timetable





08:00Fuyong Port (Shenzhen Airport)Zhongshan Port08:45
09:30Fuyong Port (Shenzhen Airport)Zhongshan Port10:15
12:00Fuyong Port (Shenzhen Airport)Zhongshan Port12:45
13:30Fuyong Port (Shenzhen Airport)Zhongshan Port14:15
16:00Fuyong Port (Shenzhen Airport)Zhongshan Port16:45
17:30Fuyong Port (Shenzhen Airport)Zhongshan Port18:15
20:30Fuyong Port (Shenzhen Airport)Zhongshan Port21:15
Shuttle bus service is available to connect passengers from ferry terminal to Shenzhen Airport in around 5 minutes.




07:30Zhongshan PortFuyong Port (Shenzhen Airport)08:15
09:20Zhongshan PortFuyong Port (Shenzhen Airport)10:05
11:30Zhongshan PortFuyong Port (Shenzhen Airport)12:15
14:00Zhongshan PortFuyong Port (Shenzhen Airport)14:45
15:30Zhongshan PortFuyong Port (Shenzhen Airport)16:15
18:00Zhongshan PortFuyong Port (Shenzhen Airport)18:45
20:00Zhongshan PortFuyong Port (Shenzhen Airport)20:45

Ferry Ticket Pricing

Cabin/FareShenzhen Airport Ferry Terminal to Zhongshan PortZhongshan Port to Shenzhen Airport Ferry Terminal
Economy Class (Adult)¥120.00¥120.00
First Class (Adult)¥150.00¥150.00
VIP Class (Adult)¥180.00¥180.00
Economy Class (Child)¥60.00¥60.00
First Class (Child)¥75.00¥75.00
Vip Class (Child)¥90.00¥90.00
Economy Class (Senior citizen)¥90.00¥90.00
First Class (Senior citizen)¥120.00¥120.00
VIP Class (Senior citizen)¥150.00¥150.00
Economy Class (Round-trip tickets)¥220.00/
First Class (Round-trip tickets)¥280.00/
VIP Class (Round-trip tickets)¥340.00/
Duration 45 mins45 mins

How To Get To The Ferry Terminal

Shenzhen Airport Fuyong Ferry Terminal (福永码头)

Image from Fuyong Ferry, Bao’an International Airport, Shenzhen

Shenzhen Airport Fuyong Ferry Terminal (Shenzhen Airport Ferry for short) is located in the southwest corner of Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, only 2 kilometers away from the new terminal building (about 5 minutes by car). The Ferry connects with Bao’an Avenue, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway, and Jihe Expressway by land, and is about 70 minutes from Hong Kong and Macao, and 40 minutes from Hong Kong Airport SkyPier by water.

Shenzhen Airport Ferry provides you with seamless sea-air transport for your journey by “Fly Via Shenzhen”, and is the optimal choice for travel in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Macao.

Please be noticed that all changes in the ship information at Shenzhen Airport Ferry will be published in real time at the ferry’s official WeChat and Sina Weibo accounts.

Clearance: 7:30 to 21:00

Chinese Name: 深圳机场码头

Inquiries hotline: +86 0755-23455300      

Official Website:

Address: Fuyong Ferry, Bao’an International Airport, Shenzhen 深圳宝安机场新福永码头

How to get there: Shuttle bus service is available to connect passengers to the ferry terminal in Fuyong port, here is the Transport Guide Map.

Online Ticketing (Airport Ferry Line)

Please follow The official WeChat accounts “深圳机场码头” on Wechat to book your tickets online & check these for the latest information.

Consultation Hotline

  • Ministry of Public Security Exit and Entry Administration +86 010-66266400
  • Shenzhen Entry-Exit Frontier Inspection Station +86 0755-82321000
  • Immigration Inspection Station +86 0755-84499262 

Zhongshan Passenger Port

Zhongshan Passenger Port is located at Torch High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, which is known as the hometown of oversea Chinese with beautiful scenery and developed economy. It covers an area of 28,286 m2 with newly built joint inspection building and advanced square facilities.

Address: Yanjiang No. 1 East Road, Torch High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province 广东省中山市火炬开发区沿江东路1号

Phone Number: Please call +86 0760-85596350 Zhongshan Passenger Port to confirm before your departure.

The official website:

How to get there:

  • By Taxi: The total distance is 2.4 kilometers with a fare of about 10 yuan.
  • By Bus: Bus stations: Guangzhou Bus Station, Guangzhou Tianhe Bus Station, Zhuhai Bus Station—Zhongshan Chengdong Bus Station; From Chengdong Station, walk ahead about 410 meters to the Development Zone Traffic Police Brigade Stop, take No. 001 Bus (1 stop), or No. 25 Bus (1 stop), or No. 34 Bus (1 stop), or No. 062 Bus (3 stops), or No. B13 Bus (1 stop), alight at Zhongshan Port Ferry Terminal Stop;  

Online Ticketing

Please follow  “zspassenger” on Wechat to book your tickets online. 

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