Cocktail & Whiskey Bars in Shenzhen

David Ho   |   August 1, 2020

Mixed drinks made at speakeasies around the city.

Futian, Luohu and Nanshan have a ton of hidden Wiskey and cocktail bars. We find where they are hiding and guide you to the best nightlife below. Take your friends out for a fancy Negroni, Aperol Spritz or some other concoction.

We have created special categories for you to browse the best and most popular nightlife destinations in Shenzhen.

Perch (The Langham, Shenzhen)

A Glamorous and Carefree “Perch” at The Langham, Shenzhen

Trapped amidst a concrete jungle you feel desperate to escape, you catch a glimpse of the dazzling colorful lights shining mythically below you, familiar only to those in the know. Longing to discover and determined to shake off all ambivalence, a new revelation is made in this vibrant city – an intriguing new establishment with an alluring ambience where “birds of a feather” flock and chirp over spellbinding drinks.

Perch, originally referring to the resting place for birds, is a unique alfresco venue and a true respite at the end of a frenzied day, will re-define the meaning of liberation. A space to flash those heels, loosen that tie – and strut your feathers. Colleagues, friends and birds alike will be drawn into the imaginary, whimsical atmosphere to relax or unite & celebrate the success of the day.

Ciyuntang Traditional Massage (Speakeasy Bar)

Located near Taoyuan metro station in Nanshan, Ciyuntang Tradional Massage is a speakeasy bar that is definitely worth the search. Hidden behind a facade of a massage parlor, visitors will find an interior of a traditional Chinese restaurant. Pull the right vase on the shelf, however, and you will discover on of Shenzhen’s hippest new bars.

The bar consists of two floors. The upper floor has the feel of a gentlemen’s club. It offers an extensive whisky collection that would be the envy of most connoisseurs. The bar also boasts some of the most original and creative cocktails around with the inhouse mixologists pairing unusual ingredients with quality spirits.

The Drawing Room & St. Regis Bar

Nestled on the hotel’s 96th floor, The Drawing Room and St. Regis Bar present a contemporary, locally influenced interpretation of a traditional lounge.

Rich royal blue curtains line the corridor, interspersed among the hotel’s steel framework and soaring windows with panoramic city views, serving as a prelude to the lounge’s overall color scheme, featuring royal blue, purple, and bronze. Throughout the space, gold abstract artwork pairs with Italian bronze mosaic-patterned glass tiles to impart an intrigue that continues at the St. Regis Bar, where a collage of historical city photos back the bar and grand piano.

Barbershop Speakeasy Cocktail Bar

Barber Shop is a speakeasy-style bar, hidden nearby the crossroads of Dongyuan Road and Shangbu South Road.The concept of Barber Shop originated from the “1920’s Prohibition Era” in New York. When prohibition made all establishments serving alcohol illegal but there were, nevertheless, hundreds of illicit bars in the Big Apple.

Peacock Private Cocktails Club

Peacock birds are known for showing off their feathers, and in the case of Peacock bar, such strutting would be entirely justified. That is because this bar is something quite different from any other jazz establishment in the city.

If you are looking for somewhere romantic and cozy, whether it’s to make a good impression on a first date or to take the love of your life for an anniversary dinner, then you could do a lot worse than choosing Peacock.


There are many ways to describe what’s going on at Lavo, but perhaps it’s easiest to sum up with one simple word – lounging.

Located in Futian at the heart of Shenzhen’s CBD, Lavo has created a wonderfully metropolitan atmosphere with a supremely talented and endlessly versatile live band that can play music from all over the world spanning any genre from jazz all the way up to funk.

Listen to the sumptuous sax licks and feel like you have been transported to a London lounge or a bar in New York. While you are at it, why not pair the live music with a selection from their extensive range of cocktails, whiskey, and cigars?


Vinylhouse is a cultural space combining a bar and a recordstore, focusing on “vinyl records culture”, non-commercial music and high quality signature cocktails. Vinylhouse offers a variety of weekly events incl. international and local guest DJ sets, music performances, workshops and discussions, press conferences, screenings and more.

The PEAT Cocktail & Whisky Bar

Located in the center of Che Gong Miao (车公庙), the PEAT Cocktail & Whisky Bar quietly offers one of Shenzhen’s best craft cocktail and the city’s largest selection of whisk(e)y.

This small but chic bar was founded by a team full of passion. These bar veterans search and bring rare whiskies from all over the world to the center of Futian district, saving you the trouble digging deep in the dungeons in Scotland. Its usual customers gather at the place for a nice cozy place with a delightful atmosphere. For those experienced and serious whisky lovers, the PEAT offers a wide selection from the famous and popular Macallan whiskies to the undisputable peaty monsters from Ardbeg of Islay Island. The bar also owns a full Japanese Whisky collection for those who are carving for them.


Located on the Lobby Level, with a sleek and modern design and colorful décor, Curv is the vibrant escape for refreshing drinks, light snacks or a relaxing nightcap with live entertainment.  The Curv drink menu features a wide selection of cocktails including many of The Ritz-Carlton signature martinis and champagne cocktails. Curv also offers a variety of the finest cigars, available in the walk-through humidor. Guests may store their own preferred cigars and liquor in a private box at the walk-in humidor.

The Compass Bar

At The Compass Bar we have a passion for celebrating life’s simple pleasures with fine wine, exquisitely crafted cocktails, beautifully prepared food and impeccable sipping spirits.  We understand the necessity and desire for a higher quality of living.

  Behind the bar we experiment daily, always in the mood to taste, create and improve just about every drink inspiration that comes our way. We make our own ice, bitters, syrups and infusions and we don’t use any juice or extract that we don’t make ourselves, because the drinks taste better that way.


Alcove is the bar at Ensue, and, like the restaurant, seamlessly blends comfort with quality. Alcove is a hideaway; a place to find peace and a sense of home. Alcove features a carefully curated inventory, expertly crafted cocktails developed to reflect the elegance and refinement of Napa Valley. There is an emphasis on local products–perfect to enjoy while seated in comfort with an unparalleled skyline view. Alcove’s bar team is led by Adrian Xu (Hope & Sesame).

Life on Mars

Inspired by the late rock legend David Bowie, Life on Mars is a bar dedicated to constant experimentation and reinvention. Our menu of our own original cocktails changes with the seasons and we have a constantly changing specials menu. We are also lovers of exploration so our spirits menu is focused on providing a well curated selection of all spirits, rather than just focusing on one, so for you adventurous souls who love to try new things, meet new friends and live life to the fullest, our doors open from 6pm every day and we look forward to meeting you…


While most cocktail bars in China fall drunkenly and helplessly in love with whiskey, RMK’s affectations lie a little closer to home. The main ingredient of the bar’s cocktail menu is rice wine. They say enemies can make the unlikeliest of bedfellows, and it appears that rice wine makes for an irresistible partner for a number of cocktails. The original concept has spread to multiple locations across the city already.

Shang Garden Bar

At Shang Garden Bar, the preparation of a cocktail is an act of dedication. It starts from the procurement of the finest spirits and ingredients to produce housemade infusions with flavours such as osmanthus and cucumber, which are often featured in Huaiyang cuisine. In preparing the cocktail, the bartender carefully measures out exact quantities as required by the recipe to ensure consistency in taste, akin to an apothecarist. Even the garnishes are meticulously prepared because many of the cocktails are topped with edible art carved by Chef de Cuisine Anthony Dong.

Long Bar

The Long Bar is globally renowned as the birthplace of the iconic ’Singapore Sling’ cocktail which was created in 1915 by the Long Bar’s long serving Chinese bartender Ngiam Tong Boon.
Commanding the most amazing view complemented by stunning interiors, it is the perfect place to unwind after work, cement business ties or enjoy the quintessential ‘Singapore Sling’ while accompanied by the live entertainment within the ambience of warm, understated elegance.

Mokihi Whisky & Cocktails Shenzhen

If you are looking for an exquisite drink and want to avoid the crowds, you are more than welcome to the authentic Japanese Whisky and cocktails bar – Mokihi. 

The founders of Mokihi are two brothers from Japan. Mokihi is a stylish and very elegant bar. It’s located in the center of Futian CBD and close to Shangri-La Futian Hotel. You will be impressed by their unique and creative drinks with exquisite atmosphere. They serve several types of old fashioned cocktails, Single Malt whisky, cigar and light food. All professional cocktail tools are imported from Japan. It’s the best place for catching up with friends and talking about business!