Book Review: Essential Shenzhen: The must have pocket guide for visiting and living in Shenzhen, China

David Ho   |   January 23, 2017

Add another Shenzhen book to your Kindle book shelf written Rodney L’Huillier. If you are looking for some practical information as to how to get around the city, the new book_ “Essential Shenzhen: The must have pocket guide for visiting and living in Shenzhen, China”_can get you started moving around shopping areas like Luohu Commercial City, Huaqiangbei, and Dongmen.

The book introduces you to tourist destinations and a bit to Shenzhen night life options and restaurant optionsincluding what areas are hot like Coco Park. Much of the basic guide book info is contained in this small guide including hospitals and SIM card options.

Towards the end of the guide it covers getting around Shenzhen from various transportation options including the extensive subwayas well as high speed trains out of Shenzhen.

Chinese character addresses are in the back of the book for most of the places mentioned giving you a tool to show to the taxi driver.

The book itself does not contain any photographs, diagrams or maps but does link to the resources on a corresponding website.

At the time of writing this article writing the book is around $6USD available only on Amazon Kindle at around 132 pages.

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